No two people on earth are alike, and it’s got to be that way in music or it isn’t music. ~ Billie Holiday

Boiler Room

James Blake

Blake’s steaming return to the boiler room, hangs the house-ridden scene to dry in the airing cupboard. Sticking the boiler room back into the garage, vice versa, the
London based DJ kicks off with old school garage name Wookie (currently touring with Artful Dodger). Blake spins further into the abyss of modern garage and house playing Craig Carl before his own song Voyuer, Harmonimix and Mount Kimbie.


One of the finest duo’s to come from the West-Midlands in recent times, Harbor and Roberts have imploded the UK scene from just north of the countries Fastest growing, second city. Hitting the scenes most prestigious stage just two months after the release of their self-titled debut album (on the infamous Ninja Tune), the pair combine guilty pleasures with great hip-hop, a unique style which balances out as pure auditory ingenuity. Letherette mine deep into the eclectic taste of the scene including tracks from Genie and Stones Throw’s MF Doom, the duo are far more lucrative than a couple of dimes from the black country!

Rinse FM

Om Unit

Get ready for have your ears rearranged, your vision shattered and your mind altered. This massive mix from the much loved Om Unit smashes the barriers between Jungle, Dubstep and experimental bass music. Featured artists included Photek, Codename Jon, Machinedrum and Kromestar; this is for lovers of Metalheadz and Exit Records.


Project Mooncircle

Tendt, Daixie and Hanami.

This thirteen minute snippet is a fantastic taster of more experimental sounds to come from these three.


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