Is the direction of movement key to creation?AdobePhotoshopExpress_b3fe56e26324495f9c80981453e8ff39 The vocals, melodies, baselines and just about any attribute of the composition can be seen to progress, regress or repeat throughout the song with interchangeable dynamics. These variable patterns cause different compulsions depending which order they are used in.

In any form of music, any genre, the flow or ‘movement’ of a song can be easily be effected by the velocity behind it.In short, attributes which are perceived to accelerate and ascend will create a crescendoing effect whereas the opposite is true when slowing down and descending.

Progression of vocals and melody clearly these tracks forward and the same can be seen in the production of any good album, ep or set. Music as an art, should seek to move you; evoking emotion is the bridge between the sensationalistic hedonism of a good live set and the cerebral propulsion of an album or ep.

Dark Sky’s exciting debut release on Monkeytown records proves to do just this, watch this space. But please, remember, it is expressly forbidden to make love to a gibbon, however good the music of his townsfolk.

conspiring universe


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